Spring Renews



Audra C. Borders

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Other Credits

Photographer: Samantha Andrews; Historical Hairstyle Advisor: Tena Parker; Photo Shoot Location: Buckland Station, Pony Express Stop, Fort Churchill State Park, Silver Springs, Nv

Outline the story …

Spring is the beginning of the growing season - very important for us as we are homesteaders. It is in the spring when babies are being born and the garden is being planted with the possibilities for the growing season. My mother loved spring. She loved the new life and working in the garden, restoring it from the ravages of winter in preparation for spring planting. My entry is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Kathy Lee Vincent, my cheerleader and mentor. She passed on January 9th, right in the middle of this competition. My 1893-94 Victorian Spring Walking Suit is made of materials from my stash. I only needed to purchase the appropriate notions for the period. My main patterns were drafted from "Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns". With suggestions from my mother as to the style of hat to include. I was also able to consult a lady who has many years of experience creating historical hairstyles, which enabled me to have a period-correct appearance. My mother's passing in the middle of the competition really set me back as I lost weeks trying to deal with her final arrangements. However, since she was so excited for me to be able to do this, I kept pushing on. Spring is a beginning, not an end. So, with the example she set for me all of my life, I pushed on. As spring comes and we prepare for another growing season and we are renewed once again.

Outline the construction…

For this outfit, I used mint green linen for the skirt, bodice, and hat with accents made from a floral damask. The shirtwaist was an embroidered lawn pattered from Butterick #3836, which I had to modify to button in the front due to my physical limitations. The petticoats and hat were drafted from historical Simplicity patterns #'s 9764 & 8361. My bustle pad was based on a YouTube video made by Bernadette Banner. Drafting the patterns wasn't an issue as I have been doing so for years. Where I had trouble was making the bodice look symmetrical. Like Bernadette, I have severe scoliosis. Four mockups later, I had added almost 2" to the right side and taken over 1/2" off the left at the bottom so it would have a symmetrical appearance. All of the lace used I crocheted over the last several years in hopes that I would be able to use it on a historical outfit. The shirtwaist and most of the finish work were completed by hand. Because of my mother's passing, I was more determined than ever to complete and submit my entry. This was what she wanted and was supportive of... so I persevered. My family was a great deal of help, encouraging me in her stead. They determined that despite the loss of our family matriarch I should continue. Then someone reminded me that I am now the matriarch. Wow! What a legacy to follow.




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    This is a lovely outfit. The soft colors are perfect for spring. 🙂

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