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Baiba Robinson


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Modeled by myself, photography assistance by Phil Robinson

Outline the story …

This year's theme instantly reminded me of an article on fabric strip artistry in an old Threads magazine. This in turn made me think of grasses an reeds that are around us and come in many shades, shapes and sizes. They grow freely, provide food and home for many creatures and have been used by humans to build homes and decorations. It only felt natural to use reeds as my inspiration and to create outfit using new to me technique. I had few ideas for an outfit, but knew that final design would be dictated by my fabric challenge. This turned out to be reed bundles that can be seen in use for storage and roofing.

Outline the construction…

For this competition I challenged myself to use deadstock and flawed fabrics only.
Once I got nice selection, I was able to narrow down design for the outfit. Simple drop shoulder blouse for which I used one of my favourite Burda patterns. Fitted skirt is self drafted. For semi fitted waistcoat I chose pattern from Patrones magazine with some alterations. I had chosen taupe triple crepe for the base fabric for skirt and waistcoat with added coutil flat lining for waistcoat to make it stiffer. The biggest challenge was creation and attachment of 1/5 to 1/4 inch fabric tubes to skirt and waistcoat to create reed bundle illusion, used up 6.5 metres of 3 different flawed fabrics to create tubes. For tube turning i found Bobby pin was most convenient. When sewing tubes down I had to insure that I do not pull thread too much as it would otherwise pucker up base fabric, especially on skirt as it did not have coutil under layer. I also had fun layering and couching tubes to appear organic while fitting waistcoat and skirt shape. Embroidered tule provided modesty on skirt bottom half and ties in blouse with the ensemble. Tule itself presented sewing challenge, as it is jersey like while chiffon in blouse and crepe in skirt is vowen. Waistcoat lining is sewn in by hand as usual lining method did not suit and for closure I chose hooks for invisible look.



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  1. Avatar Steffi Wee on May 9, 2023 at 2:26 pm

    What a cute outfit!

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