Raven’s Corset Desire



Heidi McCreary


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Husband Photographer Sean McCreary

Outline the story …

I enjoy walking through the forest and feeling the breeze swaying through the trees. The calming and soothing smell of the damp forest ground. My inspiration came when I saw a tree stump that had flowers and moss growing over and around it. I decided the best clothing article that would suit a tree stump would be a Victorian Era Corset

Outline the construction…

Materials used: Coutil, toile and cotton fabric, Bias tape for boning channels, grommets, artificial flowers, hot glue gun, heavy iron on interfacing, beads
Adjusting/altering pattern to better fit my shape, made several mock-ups to get the fit for the laughing moon Victorian corset pattern.
Used nylon thread to gather fabric in different intervals, to mimic tree bark. To keep the manipulated fabric together, I used iron on interfacing. Once cooled I removed the nylon thread.
A challenge with the fabric manipulation was calculating the ratio of fabric needed for the size of the pattern, as well as the amount of fabric left after the manipulation.
Made the coutil corset first and then after completing the cotton tree bark manipulated fabric corset, I machine sewed the pieces together. Then used bias tape to seal the seams.
After the corset was sewn together, I attempted to sew on flowers, however, the threads were too visible, so I opted to use hot glue to secure the flowers. The beads that were used to replicate tree sap were first sewn together on toile fabric and then, cut out and sewn on to the corset.
Resources were a variety of social media groups, books, and google.




  1. Avatar Steffi Wee on May 9, 2023 at 3:38 pm

    What a gorgeous outfit! You look like a woodland fairy!

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