Icelandic Ocean



Pernilla Vesala


Outline the story …

I didn´t have any preconcieved idea of what my entry would look like, only that I wanted to make a corset of some sort. I was very inspired by the moodboard made for this competition, in particular an image that depicted what could be an icelandic beach. I chose eight pictures from the moodboard which I manipulated using photoshop to create new shapes that I placed on a digital body. After I had made about ten collage sketches I felt confident that I had my corner stones set for my design and moved over to adobe illustrator where I interpreted about half of my designs to technical flat sketches. The final design uses elements from four of my sketches that I combined in to one. The design really gives the feel of a deserted beach on iceland late autumn with the waves rolling in.

Outline the construction…

I made the pattern for the corset by draping it on a mannequin, marking where I wanted the seams to be, then I cut out all the pieces and transferred them to paper where I continued with altering the pattern to fit my body. I made one toile and transferred the changes to the pattern. I cut all the pieces in coutil and sewed the middle layer together, finished the center back and had a final fitting to see if I needed to alter anything before cutting the leather for the outer layer. I then finished sewing all the bits together for the outer layer and the lining, sewed them all together and bound the egdes. The skirt is handsewn to the corset in two different layers. The cape is also draped on a mannequin, re cut and fitted directly on me, then transferred to a flat pattern and cut in the real fabrics. Some challenges I faces were getting the leather to stay flat since it´s so stretchy (lamb nappa), figuring out the skirt part and how to make the boob-bit smooth. The boob problem was solved by adding a pre made bra cup and an extra layer of coutil at the boob area and flat steel boning which i bent to the shape of the boob.




  1. Avatar Y'hanna Perez-Ortiz on May 1, 2023 at 9:46 pm

    Beautifully done! The skirt reminds me of waves crashing against the shore.

  2. Avatar Steffi Wee on May 9, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Such an eclectic design! The corset’s construction is so interesting

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