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Ash Roomes

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Outline the story …

Finally! An excuse to make the idea, living in my brain rent free for far too long, pay rent. I saw those mushroom costumes all over social media and went, "That's so cool!". And with PricklyAlpaca uploading a video about designing fantasy clothing with one of the clothing items being a mushroom overall skirt thing, I thought about how I would go about making that idea come to life. The ideas were bouncing around in my head so much that I had to give myself an hour or two to obsess and plan my idea to actually be able to focus again on my university work. After months of my idea being on a page in my planner, I now have a mushroom skirt with built in suspenders, petticoat and shorts. Yes, I was inspired by social media. I was also inspired by that white spotted red mushroom that everybody knows as a toadstool for the costume to read "mushroom". And would you look at that, mushrooms fit within the competitions theme.

Outline the construction…

This costume was a lot of firsts for me. A first for working with tulle, felt, and hooks and eyes. A first for a circle skirt, a paneled skirt, faux lacing panel, suspenders and combining shorts, a tulle petticoat and a skirt together in one waistband. All my seams were flat felled where allowed and I self drafted the overskirt pattern.

The most inner layer of the costume is a pair of shorts from an old white bedsheet which was as a pattern from the 6/2022 Burda Style Magazine's jumpsuit.

The middle layer is a white tulle petticoat This is just a circle skirt, which I chopped in half after attaching the ruffles onto, with 3 different length ruffles for extra poof.

The two white layers represent the gills that mushrooms have

The skirt is a red cotton twill made up with 8 panels. There were meant to be pockets which I did not add due to not knowing how to sew the pockets in and time restraints The waistband was 10cm to wide a first The faux lacing panel was too small orginally and was also meant to have eyelets and not button holes (the amount of buttons holes I had to seam rip). I substituted horse hair braid with really stiff interfacing The white spots (felt) were handsewn onto the skirt due to not wanting to wrestle with my mom's sewing machine.

I haven't mentioned working around scheduled power cuts.




  1. Avatar Christiane Christiane Edel on May 2, 2023 at 6:49 pm

    Love the idea of incorporating shorts. Fun and practical!

  2. Avatar Anna-Catherine Sendgikoski on May 7, 2023 at 6:29 pm

    I think all clothing should be fantasy!! This is so cute!!

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