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Model: Sara

Outline the story …

In the mystical realm of Obsidiana, where shadows dance and whispers weave through ancient forests and the fairy-tale castles, the vampire Elloween reigns with immortal grace.
Drawing inspiration from Anne Rice's vampiric tales, the mystique of Morgan Le Fay, the sanguinary Countess Bathory, and the seductive Lilith, Elloween adorns herself in attire oscillates between audacity and elegance, casting a charm as enchanting as it is perilous.
Her presence is a captivating blend of sharp wit and magical prowess, reminiscent of the vampiric legends she draws inspiration from.
The gown she wears is a midnight masterpiece, blending crimson and obsidian with a silhouette reminiscent of gothic opulence. Enchanted stitches, embroidered with delicate black roses, grace the dress, intertwining nature and Obsidiana's fantasy.
This fantastical creation pays homage to classic vampiric lore like "Dracula" and "Carmilla," seamlessly weaving their essence into every stitch. Elloween's ensemble embraces the duality of vampiric symbolism, marrying the sinister allure of the night with the majesty of a queen. Blood-red accents, echoing the life force she craves, intertwine with the darkness shrouding her immortal existence.
Designed with a nod to the magical worlds of fantasy, Elloween's gown transcends time, drawing inspiration from the pages of timeless novels. It is a testament to the entrancing allure of vampiric legends, bringing to life the eternal dance between elegance and the shadows that define the fantastical realms of Obsidiana.
Elloween's attire reflects the duality of her nature, swinging between shadow and light, echoing the richness of the fantasy universe in Obsidiana.

Outline the construction…

The corset, a long-abandoned project, aimed to be an iconic gown embodying my brand's essence. Upon discovering this year's theme, I decided to revive the project. I embraced the challenge of finishing and decorating the corset and designing a skirt.
For years, I've meticulously crafted a corset pattern, refining it to a silhouette inspired by Victorian and Edwardian styles, uniquely tailored to my own design. The corset was crafted with velvet fabric sewn with canvas ironed with a sturdy interlining along with mesh fabric on both sides. To ensure stability, I added an extra layer of canvas and incorporated metal whalebone using the multiple layers to make parallel stitches as boning channels and bias when necessary. To finish, I used a personalized lining, incorporating it while sewing and creating the boning channels for a perfect side finish.
To achieve volume in the velvet skirt, I used satin fabric with a hard interlining and a piece of cancan fabric in the hem. The black tulle overlay on a red lining brings a subtle play of light, creating a delicate touch to the bottom of the skirt.
Finally, I adorned the corset and the skirt with embroidered pieces and over a hundred handmade roses. To complement the look, I crafted a pearl necklace also using them into the skirt and headpiece.
This project not only tested my design and sewing skills but also allowed me to infuse my personal touch into every detail, resulting in a timeless creation that embodies my brand's aesthetic.




  1. Avatar Cassandra Sif Jensen Al-Towaiji on April 19, 2024 at 7:01 pm

    Never have a seen a gown more vampire than this one, it is truly stunning. The velvet paired with the black beading and lace is simply divine, and the lacings down the back evoces that perfect gothic vibe

  2. Kitty Mortensen Kitty Mortensen on April 20, 2024 at 5:51 am

    That is one of the most beautiful vampire ensembles I’ve ever seen, I can clearly tell where the inspiration came from and I adore how the corset and skirt works together. So impressive and inspiring.

  3. Avatar Susanna Antonsson on April 20, 2024 at 7:25 pm


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