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Valerie Chretien

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Julie Anne Quenet

Outline the story …

this Russian court dress original a been made around 1880. I always loved and admire this dress, but sadly only one picture of it existed. on that picture you see the magnificent embroidery every where on it, the shelve with the cuff and the cape, on the bodice and skirt.

with the nature theme off this year it seam to fit this dress, so it was time for me to let mi inspire by this dress and make one of my own.

Outline the construction…

the most complicated and long process was to find the embroidery logo, that will match the original, a logo that will have flowers, leafs motif in a paisley.

the pattern as complex it seam was easy to make, once you see that it compose of a skirt, long bodice, sleeves and cuff, and do not forget the little cute cape on top off it.

mow after the pattern was made the most long process of embroidery begin. all the big logo on the skirt take 1hour to make and the skirt as 16 on it. the body, cuff and cape take 30 minute each color, the bustle was a modified off the one on the skirt and take 45 minute, the embroidery was the most long process of that dress, the sewing was really small in comparison.

the corsage is all lined with pink satin, and have piping like on the inspiration picture.



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  1. Avatar Steffi Wee on May 10, 2023 at 9:59 am

    This is absolutely stunning! The construction of it, the embroidery – it’s fit for a queen (or rather an empress)

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