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Fantastical (adj.):

Conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre; grotesque; fanciful or capricious.

It's a place where there are NO tutorials on making tote bags or A-line skirts...

....but everything on corsets, walking skirts, grand 18th century gowns, couture techniques, lost tailoring methods,
the latest Worbla techniques, and everything magical, fantastical, historical, but not forgotten.

We are famous for our
corset making,
but we can help you with so much more!
  • Get the individual help and support you really need to make your wildest sewing dreams come true
  • Enjoy specialised classes and companionship in live monthly online Workshops
  • Make friends with dedicated makers just like you in our private Facebook community
  • Find helpful instructions relevant to just about any project you can dream up in our online Library

When we are marketing and onboarding new people constantly, we cannot bring our best and undivided attention to the Stitchlings, so we welcome new members in groups, like a college class. Our goal is to make this your favourite community to be in because you are well taken care of, because you are getting what you came for, and because we "Stitchlings" stick together!


“Awesome awesome awesome! I have learnt more from one month of Foundations Revealed than on the corset course I paid £180 for. It’s worth every penny, thank you!”

Julie A., UK


“There’s lots of information on the internet for free, but the nice thing about THIS site is the consistent quality… I’d rather be able to go to one source and find trustworthy information from people who’ve been “vetted” by the pros.”

Kay, Missouri, USA